Design-Build Services

For many clients and projects, a Design/Build approach is the most effective construction delivery method. DC Sparks Construction works with a number of architects, engineers, and design professionals who can design to your needs within your budget while creating High Performance Buildings.

We team with our architectural partners to provide an integrated Design/Build approach. Our established relationships allow us to assemble the best possible team given the specific requirements and objectives of your project.

The Design/Build construction delivery method requires mutual trust and a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between your requirements, goals, and capacity. Design/Build compresses both design and construction timelines as the best method when speed of delivery is a primary concern as it allows for construction to commence before design is finalized and lends itself well to phased construction.

It is a highly collaborative approach to construction delivery and allows for maximum creativity, innovation, and value-engineering throughout the process. It is the only construction delivery method with a single-point of responsibility. Working with DC Sparks Construction on a Design/Build project, continuity is maintained throughout and both cost and schedule can be clearly defined very early in the process. Once design criteria are reasonably developed, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is established.

If you are considering a Design/Build construction or renovation project, please contact us today and we can put our team of experts to work for you!