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General Contracting

General Contracting (GC) is the traditional design-bid-build approach to construction delivery. As a true builder, DC Sparks Construction is passionate about the GC delivery method. We provide hard bids on select and invitation-only (prequalification based) construction opportunities throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

General Contracting is best suited for straightforward projects that are subject to minimal changes or projects subject to strict procurement policies requiring lump sum bids. GC offers the simplest form of contract and offers a high degree of traditional 'checks and balances' between the architect and builder.

Our GC services include:

  • Cost control measures

  • Schedule control

  • Managing all trade contractors

  • Shop drawing and submittal review

  • Field Supervision

  • Professional Project Management


For additional information about our General Contracting Services or a customized proposal, please contact us today!

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